Auto-design your idea with Gurru AI

Meet Gurru! Design and 3D print your Ideas on Demand without the need to learn complicated 3D design software using simple text or voice commands.

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Gurru AI is the fastest way to design your idea and create 3D print ready files.

When you have a great idea and want to create it, you’re faced with either learning complicated 3D design software or spending a lot of money having your file created.


That's where Gurru comes in...

Gurru is AI-driven by machine learning and turns your idea into reality with regenerative design. The more you talk to Gurru, the more Gurru understands your needs, just like J.A.R.V.I.S does for Tony Stark in Iron Man.


Gurru creates custom designs tailored to you. If you want to create a chair then Gurru will not only take into account your personal tastes and style, but also other factors such as your height, weight and other unique attributes.


Gurru can then deliver you a custom designed 3D print ready file which can then be 3D printed and delivered to your front door.

How does Gurru’s artificial intelligence work?